ScreenSaver Druid

ScreenSaver Druid

ScreenSaver Druid will allow you to change screensavers easily
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Do you have a lot of screensavers in your computer?
Is it very troublesome to be looking for, selecting, and activating a new screensaver when you get bored with the current one?
ScreenSaver Druid will allow you to change screensavers easily.

This excellent software will make switching between screensavers a very easy task.
When the program is executed, it will scan your computer for screensaver files. It will probably find some you didn’t even remember about.
This search can be too much. It will detect ALL your image files, and add them to the list.

After selecting only the ones you want to use in that "project", you decide if you the images will be displayed in sequence, or in a random order.
One of the great features of the program is its compatibility with a lot of image and screen formats.

ScreenSaver Druid is very easy to use. Simply wait for the initial search or select a directory and add the files you want.
Choose the images you want to display, in the order that will suit your needs and desires. That's all.
You will be able to enjoy all the screensavers that you really like.
You will surely enjoy organizing your screensavers and using them easily.

Fernando Soni
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  • You can build large image lists.
  • Very easy to use


  • The initial scan gets ALL types of image files
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